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ACP – Volume 8, issue 21

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Effects of aerosol organics on cloud condensation nucleus (CCN) concentration and first indirect aerosol effect   
J. Wang, Y.-N. Lee, P. H. Daum, J. Jayne, and M. L. Alexander
Page(s) 6325-6339
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 971 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  03 Nov 2008
Four-dimensional variational data assimilation for inverse modelling of atmospheric methane emissions: method and comparison with synthesis inversion   
J. F. Meirink, P. Bergamaschi, and M. C. Krol
Page(s) 6341-6353
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4204 KB)   Supplement (28 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  05 Nov 2008
Variations of O3 and CO in summertime at a rural site near Beijing   
Y. Wang, M. B. McElroy, J. W. Munger, J. Hao, H. Ma, C. P. Nielsen, and Y. Chen
Page(s) 6355-6363
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 455 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  05 Nov 2008
SO2 oxidation products other than H2SO4 as a trigger of new particle formation. Part 1: Laboratory investigations   
T. Berndt, F. Stratmann, S. Bräsel, J. Heintzenberg, A. Laaksonen, and M. Kulmala
Page(s) 6365-6374
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 735 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  06 Nov 2008
Retrieval of stratospheric aerosol size information from OSIRIS limb scattered sunlight spectra   
A. E. Bourassa, D. A. Degenstein, and E. J. Llewellyn
Page(s) 6375-6380
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 468 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  06 Nov 2008
Organic composition of carbonaceous aerosols in an aged prescribed fire plume   
B. Yan, M. Zheng, Y. T. Hu, S. Lee, H. K. Kim, and A. G. Russell
Page(s) 6381-6394
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 789 KB)   Supplement (98 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  10 Nov 2008
Airborne in-situ measurements of vertical, seasonal and latitudinal distributions of carbon dioxide over Europe   
Ch. Gurk, H. Fischer, P. Hoor, M. G. Lawrence, J. Lelieveld, and H. Wernli
Page(s) 6395-6403
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 6931 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  10 Nov 2008
Influence of future air pollution mitigation strategies on total aerosol radiative forcing   
S. Kloster, F. Dentener, J. Feichter, F. Raes, J. van Aardenne, E. Roeckner, U. Lohmann, P. Stier, and R. Swart
Page(s) 6405-6437
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5466 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  11 Nov 2008
Redox activity and chemical speciation of size fractioned PM in the communities of the Los Angeles-Long Beach harbor   
S. Hu, A. Polidori, M. Arhami, M. M. Shafer, J. J. Schauer, A. Cho, and C. Sioutas
Page(s) 6439-6451
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 372 KB)   Supplement (197 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  12 Nov 2008
Evaluation of 1,3,5 trimethylbenzene degradation in the detailed tropospheric chemistry mechanism, MCMv3.1, using environmental chamber data   
A. Metzger, J. Dommen, K. Gaeggeler, J. Duplissy, A. S. H. Prevot, J. Kleffmann, Y. Elshorbany, A. Wisthaler, and U. Baltensperger
Page(s) 6453-6468
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 12122 KB)   Supplement (277 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  13 Nov 2008
Internally mixed soot, sulfates, and organic matter in aerosol particles from Mexico City   
K. Adachi and P. R. Buseck
Page(s) 6469-6481
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4691 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  13 Nov 2008
Diurnal temperature range over Europe between 1950 and 2005   
K. Makowski, M. Wild, and A. Ohmura
Page(s) 6483-6498
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3401 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  13 Nov 2008
The travel-related carbon dioxide emissions of atmospheric researchers   
A. Stohl
Page(s) 6499-6504
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 745 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  13 Nov 2008
Net effect of the QBO in a chemistry climate model   
H. J. Punge and M. A. Giorgetta
Page(s) 6505-6525
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4128 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  13 Nov 2008
Observations of the mesospheric semi-annual oscillation (MSAO) in water vapour by Odin/SMR   
S. Lossow, J. Urban, J. Gumbel, P. Eriksson, and D. Murtagh
Page(s) 6527-6540
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 813 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  14 Nov 2008
The effect of temperature and water on secondary organic aerosol formation from ozonolysis of limonene, Δ3-carene and α-pinene   
Å. M. Jonsson, M. Hallquist, and E. Ljungström
Page(s) 6541-6549
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 439 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  14 Nov 2008
Diurnal variations in the UV albedo of arctic snow   
O. Meinander, A. Kontu, K. Lakkala, A. Heikkilä, L. Ylianttila, and M. Toikka
Page(s) 6551-6563
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 647 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  14 Nov 2008
FRESCO+: an improved O2 A-band cloud retrieval algorithm for tropospheric trace gas retrievals   
P. Wang, P. Stammes, R. van der A, G. Pinardi, and M. van Roozendael
Page(s) 6565-6576
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1327 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  14 Nov 2008
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