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ACP – Volume 10, issue 14

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A multi-decadal history of biomass burning plume heights identified using aerosol index measurements   
H. Guan, R. Esswein, J. Lopez, R. Bergstrom, A. Warnock, M. Follette-Cook, M. Fromm, and L. T. Iraci
Page(s) 6461-6469
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 455 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  16 Jul 2010
Temporal variations of black carbon in Guangzhou, China, in summer 2006   
R. L. Verma, L. K. Sahu, Y. Kondo, N. Takegawa, S. Han, J. S. Jung, Y. J. Kim, S. Fan, N. Sugimoto, M. H. Shammaa, Y. H. Zhang, and Y. Zhao
Page(s) 6471-6485
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1193 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  16 Jul 2010
Humic-like substances in fresh emissions of rice straw burning and in ambient aerosols in the Pearl River Delta Region, China   
P. Lin, G. Engling, and J. Z. Yu
Page(s) 6487-6500
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1431 KB)   Supplement (44 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  16 Jul 2010
Corrigendum to "Measurement of atmospheric nitrous acid at Blodgett Forest during BEARPEX2007" published in Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 6283-6294, 2010   
X. Ren, H. Gao, X. Zhou, J. D. Crounse, P. O. Wennberg, E. C. Browne, B. W. LaFranchi, R. C. Cohen, M. McKay, A. H. Goldstein, and J. Mao
Page(s) 6501-6501
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 222 KB)   Corresponding article   Special issue

  16 Jul 2010
Bromine measurements in ozone depleted air over the Arctic Ocean   
J. A. Neuman, J. B. Nowak, L. G. Huey, J. B. Burkholder, J. E. Dibb, J. S. Holloway, J. Liao, J. Peischl, J. M. Roberts, T. B. Ryerson, E. Scheuer, H. Stark, R. E. Stickel, D. J. Tanner, and A. Weinheimer
Page(s) 6503-6514
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 6493 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  16 Jul 2010
Satellite observations of long range transport of a large BrO plume in the Arctic   
M. Begoin, A. Richter, M. Weber, L. Kaleschke, X. Tian-Kunze, A. Stohl, N. Theys, and J. P. Burrows
Page(s) 6515-6526
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5826 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  16 Jul 2010
A comparison of ship and satellite measurements of cloud properties with global climate model simulations in the southeast Pacific stratus deck   
M. A. Brunke, S. P. de Szoeke, P. Zuidema, and X. Zeng
Page(s) 6527-6536
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 512 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  16 Jul 2010
Tropospheric ozone variations at the Nepal Climate Observatory-Pyramid (Himalayas, 5079 m a.s.l.) and influence of deep stratospheric intrusion events   
P. Cristofanelli, A. Bracci, M. Sprenger, A. Marinoni, U. Bonafè, F. Calzolari, R. Duchi, P. Laj, J.M. Pichon, F. Roccato, H. Venzac, E. Vuillermoz, and P. Bonasoni
Page(s) 6537-6549
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 6612 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  16 Jul 2010
Impacts of HONO sources on the photochemistry in Mexico City during the MCMA-2006/MILAGO Campaign   
G. Li, W. Lei, M. Zavala, R. Volkamer, S. Dusanter, P. Stevens, and L. T. Molina
Page(s) 6551-6567
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4086 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  16 Jul 2010
Estimation of Antarctic ozone loss from ground-based total column measurements   
J. Kuttippurath, F. Goutail, J.-P. Pommereau, F. Lefèvre, H. K. Roscoe, A. Pazmiño, W. Feng, M. P. Chipperfield, and S. Godin-Beekmann
Page(s) 6569-6581
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1299 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  16 Jul 2010
Sensitivity tests for an ensemble Kalman filter for aerosol assimilation   
N. A. J. Schutgens, T. Miyoshi, T. Takemura, and T. Nakajima
Page(s) 6583-6600
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3244 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  16 Jul 2010
Corrigendum to "Dicarboxylic acids, metals and isotopic compositions of C and N in atmospheric aerosols from inland China: implications for dust and coal burning emission and secondary aerosol formation" published in Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 6087–6096, doi:10.5194/acp-10-6087-2010, 2010   
G. Wang, M. Xie, S. Hu, S. Gao, E. Tachibana, and K. Kawamura
Page(s) 6601-6601
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 853 KB)   Corresponding article   

  16 Jul 2010
Estimated impact of black carbon deposition during pre-monsoon season from Nepal Climate Observatory – Pyramid data and snow albedo changes over Himalayan glaciers   
T. J. Yasunari, P. Bonasoni, P. Laj, K. Fujita, E. Vuillermoz, A. Marinoni, P. Cristofanelli, R. Duchi, G. Tartari, and K.-M. Lau
Page(s) 6603-6615
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1235 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  19 Jul 2010
Moisture effects on carbon and nitrogen emission from burning of wildland biomass   
L.-W. A. Chen, P. Verburg, A. Shackelford, D. Zhu, R. Susfalk, J. C. Chow, and J. G. Watson
Page(s) 6617-6625
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 566 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  20 Jul 2010
Characterization of particle cloud droplet activity and composition in the free troposphere and the boundary layer during INTEX-B   
G. C. Roberts, D. A. Day, L. M. Russell, E. J. Dunlea, J. L. Jimenez, J. M. Tomlinson, D. R. Collins, Y. Shinozuka, and A. D. Clarke
Page(s) 6627-6644
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1052 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  20 Jul 2010
Modeling the regional impact of ship emissions on NOx and ozone levels over the Eastern Atlantic and Western Europe using ship plume parameterization   
P. Huszar, D. Cariolle, R. Paoli, T. Halenka, M. Belda, H. Schlager, J. Miksovsky, and P. Pisoft
Page(s) 6645-6660
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1935 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  21 Jul 2010
On microphysical processes of noctilucent clouds (NLC): observations and modeling of mean and width of the particle size-distribution   
G. Baumgarten, J. Fiedler, and M. Rapp
Page(s) 6661-6668
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1076 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  21 Jul 2010
Vertical transport rates and concentrations of OH and Cl radicals in the Tropical Tropopause Layer from observations of CO2 and halocarbons: implications for distributions of long- and short-lived chemical species   
S. Park, E. L. Atlas, R. Jiménez, B. C. Daube, E. W. Gottlieb, J. Nan, D. B. A. Jones, L. Pfister, T. J. Conway, T. P. Bui, R.-S. Gao, and S. C. Wofsy
Page(s) 6669-6684
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5939 KB)   Supplement (84 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  21 Jul 2010
Tomographic retrieval of cloud liquid water fields from a single scanning microwave radiometer aboard a moving platform – Part 1: Field trial results from the Wakasa Bay experiment   
D. Huang, A. J. Gasiewski, and W. Wiscombe
Page(s) 6685-6697
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1117 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  22 Jul 2010
Tomographic retrieval of cloud liquid water fields from a single scanning microwave radiometer aboard a moving platform – Part 2: Observation system simulation experiments   
D. Huang, A. Gasiewski, and W. Wiscombe
Page(s) 6699-6709
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 612 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  22 Jul 2010
Estimating the maritime component of aerosol optical depth and its dependency on surface wind speed using satellite data   
Y. Lehahn, I. Koren, E. Boss, Y. Ben-Ami, and O. Altaratz
Page(s) 6711-6720
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 697 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  22 Jul 2010
New particle formation events measured on board the ATR-42 aircraft during the EUCAARI campaign   
S. Crumeyrolle, H. E. Manninen, K. Sellegri, G. Roberts, L. Gomes, M. Kulmala, R. Weigel, P. Laj, and A. Schwarzenboeck
Page(s) 6721-6735
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5776 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  22 Jul 2010
Technical Note: Trend estimation from irregularly sampled, correlated data   
T. von Clarmann, G. Stiller, U. Grabowski, E. Eckert, and J. Orphal
Page(s) 6737-6747
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 427 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  22 Jul 2010
Probabilistic description of ice-supersaturated layers in low resolution profiles of relative humidity   
N. C. Dickson, K. M. Gierens, H. L. Rogers, and R. L. Jones
Page(s) 6749-6763
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3717 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  23 Jul 2010
Theoretical implication of reversals of the ozone weekend effect systematically observed in Japan   
A. Kannari and T. Ohara
Page(s) 6765-6776
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1168 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  23 Jul 2010
Lagrangian mixing in an axisymmetric hurricane model   
B. Rutherford, G. Dangelmayr, J. Persing, M. Kirby, and M. T. Montgomery
Page(s) 6777-6791
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3107 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  23 Jul 2010
The Finokalia Aerosol Measurement Experiment – 2008 (FAME-08): an overview   
M. Pikridas, A. Bougiatioti, L. Hildebrandt, G. J. Engelhart, E. Kostenidou, C. Mohr, A. S. H. Prévôt, G. Kouvarakis, P. Zarmpas, J. F. Burkhart, B.-H. Lee, M. Psichoudaki, N. Mihalopoulos, C. Pilinis, A. Stohl, U. Baltensperger, M. Kulmala, and S. N. Pandis
Page(s) 6793-6806
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 3532 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  23 Jul 2010
The effect of reported high-velocity small raindrops on inferred drop size distributions and derived power laws   
H. Leijnse and R. Uijlenhoet
Page(s) 6807-6818
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 548 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  23 Jul 2010
Thunderstorm and stratocumulus: how does their contrasting morphology affect their interactions with aerosols?   
S. S. Lee, L. J. Donner, and J. E. Penner
Page(s) 6819-6837
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1229 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  23 Jul 2010
Biomass burning impact on PM 2.5 over the southeastern US during 2007: integrating chemically speciated FRM filter measurements, MODIS fire counts and PMF analysis   
X. Zhang, A. Hecobian, M. Zheng, N. H. Frank, and R. J. Weber
Page(s) 6839-6853
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 894 KB)   Supplement (160 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  23 Jul 2010
Empirical estimates of CCN from aerosol optical properties at four remote sites   
A. Jefferson
Page(s) 6855-6861
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 4694 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  23 Jul 2010
Dust aerosol effect on semi-arid climate over Northwest China detected from A-Train satellite measurements   
J. Huang, P. Minnis, H. Yan, Y. Yi, B. Chen, L. Zhang, and J. K. Ayers
Page(s) 6863-6872
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1277 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  23 Jul 2010
Effects of lightning and other meteorological factors on fire activity in the North American boreal forest: implications for fire weather forecasting   
D. Peterson, J. Wang, C. Ichoku, and L. A. Remer
Page(s) 6873-6888
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 8730 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  23 Jul 2010
Atmospheric diurnal variations observed with GPS radio occultation soundings   
F. Xie, D. L. Wu, C. O. Ao, and A. J. Mannucci
Page(s) 6889-6899
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 753 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  26 Jul 2010
Relationships between mineral dust and cloud properties in the West African Sahel   
L. Klüser and T. Holzer-Popp
Page(s) 6901-6915
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 5582 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  26 Jul 2010
An investigation of the sub-grid variability of trace gases and aerosols for global climate modeling   
Y. Qian, W. I. Gustafson Jr., and J. D. Fast
Page(s) 6917-6946
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 6860 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   

  29 Jul 2010
Impacts of transported background ozone on California air quality during the ARCTAS-CARB period – a multi-scale modeling study   
M. Huang, G. R. Carmichael, B. Adhikary, S. N. Spak, S. Kulkarni, Y. F. Cheng, C. Wei, Y. Tang, D. D. Parrish, S. J. Oltmans, A. D'Allura, A. Kaduwela, C. Cai, A. J. Weinheimer, M. Wong, R. B. Pierce, J. A. Al-Saadi, D. G. Streets, and Q. Zhang
Page(s) 6947-6968
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 2625 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  30 Jul 2010
Oxidative capacity of the Mexico City atmosphere – Part 1: A radical source perspective   
R. Volkamer, P. Sheehy, L. T. Molina, and M. J. Molina
Page(s) 6969-6991
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1455 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  30 Jul 2010
Oxidative capacity of the Mexico City atmosphere – Part 2: A ROx radical cycling perspective   
P. M. Sheehy, R. Volkamer, L. T. Molina, and M. J. Molina
Page(s) 6993-7008
Abstract   Final revised paper (PDF, 1718 KB)   Supplement (622 KB)   Discussion paper (ACPD)   Special issue

  30 Jul 2010
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